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Laposa Estate

Innovation from Hungary’s Toscana

Laposa Estate lies near Badacsony, one of the highest hills near Lake Balaton. Our vineyards are spread across the most desirable slopes of Káli Basin’s volcanic monadnocks, a region also known as “Hungarian Toscana”. We work with about 8 acres of land in Badacsony, 9 acres in Csobánc, 8 acres on Köves Hill, one acre on Szent György Hill, and 5 acres in Somló, for a total approximate area of 30 acres – with the estate constantly increasing in size. The Laposa family believes in building a strong foundation of expertise and traditional viticulture combined with innovation to ensure success for future winemakers. Our motto is: “There is only one thing worse in winemaking than copying others – and that’s repeating yourself”.

Ms. Zsófia Laposa

50 acres

25 acres



Annual Production: 20.000 cases, 315 of which being Furmint

Personal take on Furmint:
”Furmint is a true curiosity of wines. Regardless of vinification style or whether it’s aged in
stainless steel or oak, it is always elegant with great structure and excellent aging potential.”

Address: 1 Bogyai Lajos st, Badacsonytomaj, 8261, Hungary
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Zsófia Laposa - FurmintUSA - Laposa Estate
owner & winemaker
vineyard area
75 acres
annual production in 9l cases
vineyard sites
1 Bogyai Lajos st, Badacsonytomaj, 8261, Hungary