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Holdvölgy Winery

A Gift of Love

Holdvölgy started off as a heartfelt birthday present of a few vineyard plots from a loving wife to her husband. Their son, Pascal Demko, quickly grew enthralled of Tokaj Wine Region’s possibilities and added 65 acres worth of the finest vineyards in Mád village, inclusive of all 7 historically classified Grand Crus of the region. Today, the brand is known for meticulously hand-produced, quality-driven wines. Holdvölgy is recognized for an acute understanding of various local volcanic terroirs and for their parcel- and vine crossing-specific wines in limited quantities. In its state-of-the-art winery, Holdvölgy vinifies grape varieties from 22 different parcels. The wines are aged in an award-winning 1.5 miles network of historic medieval cellars split over three levels. Holdvölgy has been producing noted wines, including the famous Tokaji Aszú 6p, in each vintage since 2006. The winery’s dedication and professionalism has been acknowledged through awards at numerous international wine competitions and their wines are available at some of the world’s most prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants.

Tamás Gincsai

65 acres



Holdvölgy, Becsek, Nyulászó, Király, Kakasok, Dorgó-tető, Úrágya


Annual Production: 8300 cases, 2000 of which being Furmint


Personal take on Furmint:
Furmint is one of the most exciting yet largely undiscovered grape varietals in the world. As with many other great varietals, terroir is an important element in growing Furmint grapes. Given the superior geographical characteristics of the region, it’s no surprise that Furmint has been cultivated in Tokaj Wine Region for hundreds of years. The native mineral-rich volcanic soil combined with a naturally occurring unique microclimate lend Furmint wines a passionate zest. Furmint is considered the very best Hungarian varietal, yielding wines with “true Hungarian” terroir, imparting a distinct and authentic aromatic imprint of the Tokaj region. Our Furmint-based blends are firm-bodied and fresh, distinctly displaying this unique Tokaj terroir, completely unparalleled by any well-known grape varietal.

Address: 13 Árpád St, Mád, 3909, Hungary
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owner & winemaker
vineyard area
65 acres
annual production in 9l cases
vineyard sites
Holdvölgy, Becsek, Nyulászó, Király, Kakasok, Dorgó-tető, Úrágya
13 Árpád St, Mád, 3909, Hungary