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Gróf Degenfeld Winery

200 Years of Tradition

Count Imre Degenfeld was a founder of the famed Tokaj Region Wine Producers Association, established in 1857. His family followed in his footsteps, purchasing
250 acres of Tokaj vineyards in the 1990’s and reestablishing the century-old cellar that initially housed the Royal Vintners’ College on the property. As of 1999, Grof Degenfeld Winery has switched to organic wine production on a total of 88 acres in Tarcal and Mád. The former Royal Vintners’ College re-opened as the four-star Castle Hotel in 2003, expanding the estate’s reach. Degenfeld wines’ high quality is guaranteed by the family name and the selective application of traditional winemaking techniques by well-educated, forward-looking vintners.

Balázs Sulyok

86 acres



Zomborka, Galambos, Szemere, Borkút, Terézia, Mézesmály

60 % of vineyards planted with Furmint
2 different dry Furmint varietals made every year.

Annual Production: 12,500 cases, 1800 of which being Furmint


Personal take on Furmint:
Furmint is a neutral cultivar specific to Hungary’s Tokaj wine region. The grape reveals its many different facets depending on the method of winemaking employed. When grown in complex soil types, as characteristic of Degenfeld vineyards, a distinct minerality shows through in both the grapes and the resulting wine. Furmint is perfectly suitable for barrel aging and battonage – indeed, Furmint grapes from vines of certain age demand such intricate techniques.

Address: 9 Terézia Kert, Tarcal, 3915, Hungary
w w w. g r o f d e g e n f e l d . c o m

Degenfeld Furmint
owner & winemaker
vineyard area
86 acres
annual production in 9l cases
vineyard sites
Zomborka, Galambos, Szemere, Borkút, Terézia, Mézesmály
9 Terézia Kert, Tarcal, 3915, Hungary