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Basilicus Winery

The Realm of Contrasts

Entering the winery, visitors first encounter the cellar entrance capped by a steel dome near the glass-enclosed tasting room: modern touches reflective of the founder’s background in IT. But in the back of the landscaped garden, there is a slightly ramshackle stone structure, home to an aging mechanical press and a few 15-year old French barrels. Creating great wines using the simplest devices available is the trademark of vintner András Kanczler, whose winemaking never disappoints. Basilicus’ playful labels often hide very serious wines with serious international recognition to their credit.

Kanczler András

17 acres



Lapis, Mestervölgy

70 % of vineyards planted with Furmint
3 different dry Furmint varietals made every year.

Annual Production: 850 cases, 400 of which being Furmint


Personal take on Furmint:
In a country that many consider peripheral – or, occasionally, exotic – when it comes to the world’s wine map, Furmint is poised to pave the path to greatness. Some wine experts compare the virtues of Furmint to Chenin Blanc, or even Weißer Riesling, and with good reason. This cultivar is primarily grown in Tokaj Wine Region, where dry Furmint varietals develop a distinctly mineral character with notes of salt, flint, and chalk. Tokaj is what makes Furmint a prime terroir wine.

Address: 15-17 Könyves Kálmán St, Tarcal, 3915, Hungary
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Kanczler - Furmint - Basilicus
owner & winemaker
vineyard area
17 acres
annual production in 9l cases
vineyard sites
Lapis, Mestervölgy
15-17 Könyves Kálmán St, Tarcal, 3915, Hungary