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Barta Winery

Finding Tokaj’s Diamond in the Rough

“I had no expertise to cloud my judgement” says Károly Barta about investing in a then-barren vineyard high up on Mád’s ancient Király Hill. Lacking a background in viticulture, all Károly possessed was a vision of the potential lurking in the steep, abandoned vineyard that no-one else seemed to notice. He pioneered the now ubiquitous phenomenon of Tokaj winemakers reclaiming overgrown historic vineyards from disrepair. Beginning in 2009, Barta’s organically grown grapes have been processed in an old winery and cellar, attached to a 17th-century mansion on the main street of Mád. His natural approach to growing grapes is coupled with low-intervention winemaking practices, including spontaneous fermentation and aging in local Hungarian oak barrels.

Vivien Újvári

25 acres



Old King Vineyard, Mád

80 % of vineyards planted with Furmint

2 different dry Furmint varietals made every year.

Annual Production: 1250 cases, 450 of which being Furmint

Personal take on Furmint:
It’s no wonder Furmint is charging ahead as one of the Tokaj Wine Region’s most promising varietals. This versatile grape, ranging from full-bodied and dry to decadent and sweet, showcases terroir superbly. Furmint is multi-faceted, pure, yet exciting – a delicious challenge to local winemakers with each vintage. The result? Beautifully elegant, complex wines with great minerality, lively acidity, and a long aging potential.

Address: 81 Rákóczi St, Mád, 3909, Hungary
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Article on Barta by Alder Yarrow:

Ujvari - Furmint
owner & winemaker
vineyard area
25 acres
annual production in 9l cases
vineyard sites
Old King Vineyard, Mád
81 Rákóczi St, Mád, 3909, Hungary