Wedding Toast: Top Champagne Picks

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments. As you raise a toast to celebrate your union, the perfect bubbly wine adds a touch of elegance and festivity to the occasion. But with so many options available, choosing the right bottle can feel daunting. Fear not, this guide explores the world of Sparkling Wines, helping you select the ideal bubbly to raise a toast that reflects your style and sets the tone for a joyous celebration!

 Champagne vs. Sparkling Wine

Let’s begin by addressing the essential distinction: Champagne and Bubbly Wine. Champagne is a specific type of sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region of northeastern France, adhering to strict production methods. These traditional methods, including a secondary fermentation in the bottle, contribute to Champagne’s renowned finesse and complexity.

However, the world of sparkling wines extends far beyond the borders of Champagne. Bubbly wines are produced all over the globe, using various techniques and grape varietals. Also, these wines offer a delightful range of flavors and styles, often at more budget-friendly prices compared to Champagne.

Bubbly wine
Wedding Toast Top Champagne Picks

Selecting the Perfect Toast

If you desire the prestige and tradition associated with Champagne, here are a few top picks:

Brut Champagne

This dry style is the most popular choice for toasts, offering a crisp and balanced profile. Moreover, consider iconic brands like Veuve Clicquot, Moët & Chandon, or Nicolas Feuillatte.

Blanc de Blancs Champagne

Crafted solely from Chardonnay grapes, Blanc de Blancs offers a delicate and elegant character with notes of citrus and white flowers. Also, look for labels from renowned houses like Ayala or Billecart-Salmon.

Rosé Champagne

 If you desire a touch of pink, Rosé Champagne adds a festive touch to your toast. Renowned brands like Laurent-Perrier or Taittinger offer delightful Rosé Champagnes with delicate strawberry and floral aromas.

Champagne prices can vary depending on the brand, vintage, and level of prestige. Additionally, set a budget beforehand and explore options within your range.

Sparkling Alternatives

Venturing beyond Champagne, a vast array of sparkling wines awaits. Here are some popular choices:


Hailing from Italy’s Veneto region, Prosecco offers a light and fruity style with refreshing bubbles. Furthermore, primarily produced in a dry (Brut) style, it’s a delightful and affordable option for toasts.


Spain’s Cava is known for its lively acidity and citrusy notes. Produced using a similar method to Champagne, Cava offers excellent value and a wide range of styles, from dry Brut to sweeter styles like Demi-Sec.


Moving on, produced in various regions of France outside of Champagne, Crémant offers a diverse range of styles depending on the region and grape varietals used. Also, look for Crémant de Loire for a crisp and minerally profile, or Crémant de Bourgogne for a richer, Chardonnay-dominant style.

Exploring international sparkling wines broadens your options and allows you to discover unique flavor profiles that may perfectly complement your wedding menu.

 Matching Your Sparkling Wine to Your Wedding Style

When selecting your Sparkling Wine, consider how it aligns with your overall wedding style.

Formal Wedding

Opt for a classic Champagne Brut or a Blanc de Blancs for a touch of elegance and refinement.

Casual Wedding

A lively Prosecco or a fruity Cava adds a fun and celebratory feel to your toast.

Remember to factor in your guests’ preferences. Furthermore, if you know some guests prefer sweeter styles, include a bottle of Demi-Sec alongside your toast choice.

Beyond the Toast

Don’t limit sparkling wines to just the toast. Additionally, consider including a selection of sparkling wines throughout your wedding reception.

Sparkling wine cocktails

Offer signature cocktails featuring sparkling wine, adding a festive touch to the bar menu.

Welcome drink

Greet guests with a refreshing glass of Prosecco or another sparkling wine as they arrive.

Sparkling wine pairing

Certain bubbly wine can pair beautifully with specific dishes. Also, consult with your caterer or a wine expert for pairing recommendations.


 In conclusion, choosing the perfect Sparkling. Therefore, by incorporating bubbly wines throughout your celebration, you elevate the experience and create a truly special ambiance for your guests.