Barta Furmint 2015 on SommSelect

This is one of the most singularly delicious whites I’ve had all year and a wine that’s fit for the tables of Michelin 3-star restaurants—not to mention your own! Barta’s dry Furmint is a region-defining wine that’s all about pure grape and single-site expression: Furmint from the steep hillside vineyard Öreg Király in Tokaj.
This prized piece of land is one of Hungary’s most historic (first mentioned back in the 13th Century) and prominent sites—it has consistently been labeled as a “first growth” vineyard. In a region where sweet Tokaji used to be more valuable than gold itself, the emergence of completely dry wine from the same grape has caught the attention of wine lovers all over, and for good reason. This wine stimulates the senses in the best way: Imagine the convergence of great dry Riesling, top quality Loire Valley Chenin, and Grand Cru Chablis and you’ll be somewhere in the ballpark of Barta’s Öreg Király Furmint. I understand it takes courage to price a relatively obscure wine at $35, but I guarantee you’ll agree that it far exceeds its price tag. If you only make one adventurous purchase this year, let it be this. Your only regret will be that you didn’t buy more—that’s our promise to you!