Furmint comes to town by Napa Valley Register – November 13, 2014

Furmint comes to town Wine aficionados are always curious when presented with a little-known grape variety or a bottle from a new winemaking venture. Last weekend, a gaggle of wine writers, followed up by an eager group of consumers, descended on the Sonoma Community Center to learn about and taste one of Hungary’s indigenous grapes, […]

Furmint’s Great Adventure: A Hungarian Wine Overseas – November 9, 2014

Furmint’s Great Adventure: A Hungarian Wine Overseas For the most part, only highly astute, discerning of wine lovers outside of Hungary can name traditional, native Hungarian varietals, or can identify a Hungarian wine beyond the formerly state-controlled, mass-produced Bikavér (Bull’s Blood). True, the dessert wines of Tokay have made inroads with hardcore wine enthusiasts abroad, […]