Expert Predictions For The Wine Trends That Will Shape 2018 – Forbes

The world of wine, for all its reputation as a fairly hide-bound place, is constantly shifting. Styles, regions, grape varieties—all of these are just as subject to the vagaries of changing tastes and trends as fashion or music. But that doesn’t mean that what we’ll all be uncorking next year is without rhyme or reason: […]

Tasting Hungary at The Little Nell

After the Aspen Food and Wine Classic I finally found some time to put together a little tasting/class on Tokaj and Eger. We’ve had some bottles left over from previous year’s FWC and FurmintUSA was kind enough to let us have a couple of bottles each. In addition to that, thanks to Blaine Christian the […]

This Wine Region is Trending – Snooth

Hungary Several come to mind, including Rias Baixas, Spain (for Albariño), but I’m going to go with Hungary. For any region to break out in the national market, I feel it has to 1) be in a position to produce enough wine to satisfy the market, 2) meet quality standards that appeal to consumers and […]

Fried Chicken Wine Pairings – Wine Folly

Take a peek at these sommelier-approved wine and fried chicken pairings for your next bucket of extra crispy. Wine Pairing Alternatives Need more options? Check out these utility players for your fried chicken. Tempranillo – Savory notes and fat-softening tannins make this wine a winner. Riesling – Aromatic sweetness and high acidity in Riesling cut […]

Dry Furmint Is Hungary’s Other Wine Sensation – Forbes

Once known as “the wine of kings” the difficult to spell wine appellation Tokaji (Toke-eye) dates to the early 18th century, but the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tokaji-Hegyalja of northeastern Hungary and southeastern Slovakia had been an established wine region hundreds of years before then. Shutterstock: Tokaj, Hungary – Unesco World Heritage Site For most of its existence, Tokaji […]