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St. Donat Estate

Blessed by the Heavens

The estate is named after the patron saint of Balaton wine region. St.Donat started out as a legionary in Emperor Marcus Aurelius’s elite troops during the 1st century AD. During a battle in the Roman province of Pannonia (currently western Hungary) he turned to God for help. A heavy storm quickly formed and demolished enemy lines, leaving the Romans untouched and ultimately, victorious. According to legend, summer hailstorms avoid Balaton vineyards ever since.

Tamás Kovács

20 acres

8 acres


Szitahegy, Nagykút, Hegyalja

Annual Production: 2500 cases, 700 of which being Furmint


Personal take on Furmint:
The shores of Hungary’s Lake Balaton have been home to outstanding dry white grape varietals for as long as anyone can remember. St. Donat Estate aims to bring international attention to the most spectacular white of all: Furmint. Displaying the key factors of great wines – fruitiness, dynamism, structure, depth, aging potential, and a beautiful terroir – Furmint is fully poised for such success.

Address: 28 Szitahegyi St, Csopak, 8229, Hungary
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owner & winemaker
vineyard area
28 acres
annual production in 9l cases
vineyard sites
Szitahegy, Nagykút, Hegyalja
28 Szitahegyi St, Csopak, 8229, Hungary