Barta Winery – Szamorodni Sweet Furmint – 2013

Barta Winery
Szamorodni Sweet Furmint


Best of Class – Gold medal
Sunset International Wine Competition – 2016

Gold medal
San Francisco International Wine Competition – 2016

We practice organic cultivation on our First Growth (Premier Cru) Old King vineyard. We create our distinctive wines with the least possible intervention, also centered on organic methods and spontaneous fermentation. Our Szamorodni Sweet represents a traditional Tokaj winemaking style. The wine is carefully crafted from overripe botritysed Furmint grapes then cellar-aged in oak barrels for 18 months. Szamorodni Sweet is a supremely balanced and delightfully complex late-harvest wine that’s not only food friendly but also an intriguing treat on its own.

$ 47.00 $282.00 / 6 pk

tastes like
tropical fruit
dried fruits
goes well with
rich vegetables
spicy foods
awesome for
special dinners
impressing father-in-law