Furmint’s Great Adventure: A Hungarian Wine Overseas – November 9, 2014

Furmint’s Great Adventure: A Hungarian Wine Overseas

For the most part, only highly astute, discerning of wine lovers outside of Hungary can name traditional, native Hungarian varietals, or can identify a Hungarian wine beyond the formerly state-controlled, mass-produced Bikavér (Bull’s Blood). True, the dessert wines of Tokay have made inroads with hardcore wine enthusiasts abroad, even though their appearance on international wine lists is still rare. But a group of diverse wine producers and Hungarian wine champions are trying to change that by introducing the Furmint dry wines to America on a broad scale, via promotional and educational programs.

FurmintUSA, as the group is called, is headed by Balázs Humayer. He is a man with wine in his blood, as one of his distant ancestors is Count Agoston Haraszthy, the Hungarian immigrant credited with pioneering the wine industry in California, and introducing the Zinfandel varietal to the region. As the sweet Furmints already have somewhat of a reputation, FurmintUSA will primarily push the dry variety, using a series of tastings, video blog posts, and social media, and via their web-site According to FurmintUSA, in wine-speak: “Furmint is a leading Hungarian white grape variety that is indigenous to Hungary’s Tokaj region. It has always been one of this region’s most widespread cultivars, now being predominant with over seventy per cent of all plantings. It grows vigorously, ripens late and produces powerful but fine acidity, as well as readily picking up minerality and beautifully expressing the terroir it has so perfectly adapted to over the centuries.” There, now you know!

Published on: 11/09/2014
By: PPM Hungary