FurmintUSA on The Drunken Cyclist

Just a quick note as I am packing up to leave Châteauneuf-du-Pape, heading for a lunch in Marseille and then back to Mougins in Provence. I just found out that I figure somewhat prominently in a video released by FurmintUSA, the group spearheading the effort to familiarize Americans with the Hungarian grape. I come off […]

FurmintUSA creates a buzz with U.S. marketing blitz

FurmintUSA conducted a marketing blitz this spring in New York City, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Los Angeles, showcasing Hungary’s signature white grape, Furmint. The first shipment of 1,000 cases of dry Furmint wines from nine Hungarian wineries arrived in February. The wineries included Barta Winery, Basilicus Winery, Gróf Degenfeld Winery, Erzsébet Cellar, Kvaszinger Winery, […]

Chicago Tribune: Hungary’s famed dessert wine grape has a dry side

We know what we know, and the things that are most familiar to us are always on the leading edge of our thoughts. Being open to looking past the first, most familiar usage of something is not always easy. Take the word “obtain.” Pretty much anyone could come up with a definition for it. Most […]

Lady Somm @ FurmintUSA Tasting

April was a busy month full of changes and new opportunities. One of the things I love doing is attending educational seminars and tastings so that I am constantly learning and honing my craft. In April I attended several tastings including Austrian, Provence Rose, and Hungarian wines. I also did an extensive two day seminar […]

Vinography – Hungarian Wine: Hope, Dreams, Heritage and Progress

As I began writing this, I was halfway across the North Atlantic on my way home from a trip to Hungary. The quiet, darkened lower deck of an Airbus A380 and a cup of coffee provided me the perfect opportunity to reflect on what I took away from my latest visit to the land of […]

Furmint Revisited – on Matthew’s World of Wine & Drink

My most popular blog post to date has been on Furmint, the grape which is the foundation for the great sweet wines of Tokaj in Hungary. That post was based on a tasting of twelve dry white wines made from Furmint, which is the new focus to promote the Hungarian wine industry (in part because […]

The Fascinating Furmint Wines of Hungary

With its fiery acidity, fabulous aromas, vibrant palate, complex body and long finish, Furmint wines are flat out thrilling. From dry to sweet, Furmint encompasses the best of a few white varietals; Riesling’s aromas, with some having that hint of petrol that makes it so intriguing, and its racy acidity, Chenin Blanc’s waxy, honeyed texture, […]

Furmint: The signature grape of Hungary

If you are a lover of white wine and want to discover a new and exciting varietal, Hungary’s Furmintis something to investigate. It is a grape that is high in acidity and minerality. If you like Burgundian styled Chardonnays or ones from places like the Sta. Rita Hills, you will enjoy Furmint. History shows that […]

A tasting of Hungarian Furmint dry white wine – by Steve Ferree

On April 21 FurmintUSA brought together several Furmint wineries and local trade and media at the San Francisco Wine School to introduce several dry Furmint wines from Hungary. The Furmint grape is a major component to Tokaj’s luscious and distinctive Aszú dessert wines, but it is unknown to American wine lovers as a dry varietal wine. […]

The next great chapter of your wine story: Furmint

Searching for a new wine grape to spice things up this spring? We’ve got one for you that’s just starting to hit in a big way. Shake off your winter blues and start quaffing a wine that’s crisp and light, like a wicker basket filled with cut green apples drizzled with honey. Add a squirt […]