Fried Chicken Wine Pairings – Wine Folly

Take a peek at these sommelier-approved wine and fried chicken pairings for your next bucket of extra crispy. Wine Pairing Alternatives Need more options? Check out these utility players for your fried chicken. Tempranillo – Savory notes and fat-softening tannins make this wine a winner. Riesling – Aromatic sweetness and high acidity in Riesling cut […]

Dry Furmint Is Hungary’s Other Wine Sensation – Forbes

Once known as “the wine of kings” the difficult to spell wine appellation Tokaji (Toke-eye) dates to the early 18th century, but the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tokaji-Hegyalja of northeastern Hungary and southeastern Slovakia had been an established wine region hundreds of years before then. Shutterstock: Tokaj, Hungary – Unesco World Heritage Site For most of its existence, Tokaji […]

Ten Grape Myths & Legends – ‘Furmint is from Italy’

The myth: ‘Furmint is from Italy’ Furmint’s confusion with Altesse was covered in the previous slide but there have also been persistent legends about it having an Italian origin. Like all good legends there is never one concrete story but the two most plausible centre around the Middle Ages. In the first instance it is suggested […]

Why You Should Be Drinking Dry Wines From These Sweet Wine Regions

The majority of the world’s quality wine is dry, but interestingly, some of the most famous, long-lived, and expensive wines are, in fact, sweet. Wine lovers rave about vintage port from decades ago and clamor for a taste of the celebrated d’Yquem. Tokaji’s mythical essencia is traditionally served not from a glass but from a crystal spoon. Recently, however, there’s […]

Interview with Tamás Kis, Somlói Vándor Winery

Interview with Tamás Kis, Somlói Vándor Winery Tamás Kis is the owner and winemaker at Somlói Vándor, a small natural estate on the tiny volcanic butte of Somló in Western Hungary.  Although the youngest winemaker working with Palinkerie, he is devoted to cultivating first-class wines on Somló’s unique soils.  We asked him a few questions […]