Tokaj's Terroir

Volcanic activity has left a long-lasting legacy in Tokaj’s soil. Eruptions, hot water springs, wind, erosion, and natural decay all contributed to the unique mineral makeup of the earth here. As a result, today’s winemakers nurture Furmint grapes with exceptionally rich yet mineral terroir – so distinctive of Tokaj.

A brief history of Tokaj

“The wine of kings, the king of wines!” is how Louis XIV, France’s Sun King, described Tokaj’s sweet “Aszú” in the 1600’s. But today, Tokaj also offers minerally complex, dry Furmint whites that build on the same centuries-old tradition of Hungarian winemaking. Click through for a brief overview of Tokaj’s history.

Tokaj Hill and Mád Basin

A symbiotic existence: learn how the vineyards on the hills of Tokaj and in the valley of Mad are defined by their uniquely different soil types and geographies yet unite in their centuries-old winemaking craft.